We offer a variety of services for our boarders. If interested in one of our services, or have questions please contact us!






We offer several exceptional boarding opportunities

We offer several training packages for the horse and rider

We offer lessons in all three disciplines of Eventing

We offer help in the form of course walks and warm up at events


We offer several different boarding opportunities:

Upper Barn is $725 a month
Lower Barn is $710 a month
Bank Barn is $650 a month

No matter the barn, though, all horses receive the same care: two-grain meals a day of quality feeds, unrestricted quality grass hay, a deeply bedded stall, and turn out in small, gender-specific groups.

Boarding also includes without extra charge all blanket changes, booting for turn out as needed, minor medical treatments, and holding for our vet and farrier.



Our training program focuses on the horse as an individual. While Eventing is our primary focus, we cover all of the challenging disciplines in competitive riding. We can help develop a young horse, re-school an older horse, or help a busy rider keep their horse tuned up during the week. We offer several training packages. We can also customize a training regimen to meet your needs.

  • Half Training: $320 per month (2 rides per week)

  • Full Training: $450 per month (3 rides per week)

  • Full Training plus lesson: $640 per month (2 rides per week plus two lessons per week)

  • Horse exercise (lunge or hack): $30.00 per session

  • Ring Fee for non-residential riders: $20.00 per horse

  • Training Ride : $45.00 per session


We offer lessons in all three disciplines of Eventing to our borders and to “haul in” clients. Polish your dressage skills, sharpen up your showjumping with gymnastics and course work, or work on your gallop and rhythm for cross country!

  • Individual Lessons: $50

  • Guest Trainers and Clinics are offered periodically

  • Non-Boarder lessons will incur a $10.00 ring fee

  • Trailering: $30.00 hook-up fee, $1.00 per mile


A helping hand at events can often mean the difference between a 6 and 8 in dressage, a rail and a clear round in show jumping, a few time penalties, and a fast, smooth ride on cross country. We offer our clients and outside students that help in the form of course walks and warm up at events.

  • Event coaching for our boarders (includes all course walks, warm-ups, and basic group support): $9